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Bypass login Pentaho from Portal with Auth0



My portal included Pentaho application, I want when login to Portal and the Pentaho do not login again, Pentaho only support CAS and I integrated Pentaho with CAS (use Apereo).
How to bypass CAS login with Auth0 ?. Please help.
I found a sample integrates Auth0 with CAS, but how to use it with Pentaho and CAS(Apereo)


The sample you mentioned is for a CAS server already, in particular, for a CAS server the behind the covers uses Auth0 for authentication. The goal is that sample is for client application that only support SSO through CAS to be configured against that sample server; the sample server would then delegate the actual authentication to Auth0 through the use of another protocol but that would be transparent for the original application.

With the above in mind that sample should be use between Pentaho and your Auth0 account. There should be no other component or other CAS server.


Here is the overall picture of my applications

I have a Login Portal using Lock for authentication and issue the token to open a Single Page Application and others applications (SSO).
Now I have a reporting application which use Pentaho. Now I want when I log in using Lock and got the accessToken. I can use it to open the Pentaho.
So How can I authorize the Pentaho applications with Auth0? Please advice!