Bypass auth0-spa-js secure origin

Hey! I’m trying to connect to my local website though my IP instead of localhost for testing purposes and I get the error “auth0-spa-js must run on a secure origin”.

Is there any way to bypass this and connect from the IP? Cause otherwise all the auth0 I’m using is going to waste, as I’m gonna need to log on my website through IPs when the website is finished…

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Even for local development, you can set up HTTPS. For example, you can create a self-signed certificate and configure your local server to use it. This will allow you to access your site via https://localhost or your local IP with https protocol. Some developers have found workarounds by modifying the Auth0 configuration to allow non-secure origins, but this is not recommended as it can introduce security vulnerabilities.

yeah i did that earlier and it worked well! Now i have Mixed Content problems and I’m looking a fix for it.