Building a Zapier integration

I’m building a Zapier integration for our application, and I’m wondering what application type is ideal here? I guess SPA would be ok - but maybe machine-to-machine is more accurate? Zapier’s oAuth v2 documentation is here if it helps.

I’m going to be working on this type of integration soon. Did you ever get it figured out @alexab?

Hi there @alexab and @34fame, I wanted to reach out and find out how I can assist with your question with Zapier and Auth0? Is this an integration you would like to see more covered about in the or in our Docs?

Hi @34fame - sorry for not reaching out. I will try to provide some information in this post.

Zapier is " Easy automation for busy people." The Zapier platform makes it possible for Zapier end-users to build automation between different apps, all without coding anything. The only thing required is that an integration is actually built - I’m for example developing a zapier integration for my company so our users will be able to automate with other services through Zapier without coding :blush:

Zapier supports oauth2, and after some configuration and caveats, I made it work! So my actual question was what type of application I should choose in the Auth0 platform. I’m currently using SPA - because I don’t really think it’s a machine to machine setup, when an end-user will use zapier it’s a user after all :upside_down_face:

@James.Morrison - this is something that I think should be covered in a guide by Auth0 - would be so awesome.

And happy new year :rocket:

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