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Build and Secure a CRUD Application with Laravel 6

Hey there Donco!

Do you think there might be some other thing that can be causing an issue here? Apart from the research and things @holly suggested.

I think is something with cache, any idea how to disable cache for that particular URL? Thank you very much indeed

Is it happening in all browsers? And incognito as well? I’m going to ask the team that works on the SDK if they’ve dealt with this before. You can clear your Laravel app cache in the terminal with:

php artisan cache:clear

Then just test again in an incognito window and let me know if that makes a difference. These mystery bugs are always so frustrating, but we’ll get it!

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Thanks a lot Holly for the chase down! @donco_borisov let us know about the results once you have some time to test what Holly suggested!

holly, hi i am a bigginer with laravel my question is there is no code for saving user locally and either for register the user. plz guide me. thanks in advance

Hey there @haroon.momin! I’m sure Holly will address that once she’s online!