Bug: Access token missing custom fields added in rule

About month ago I have similar isussue with version 10.24. and problem is the same in version 11. I try to describe it little more.

Version Auth0-lock: 11.0.1


          leeway: 30, 
          theme: {
            primaryColor: '#6e40ff',
            logo: logoImage
          allowShowPassword: true,
          languageDictionary: {
            title: '',
            signUpTerms: "I agree to the..."
          mustAcceptTerms: true,
          autoclose: true,
          rememberLastLogin: true,
          auth: {
            redirectUrl: 'http://localhost:9000/login',
            autoParseHash: true,
            sso: true,
            responseType: 'token',
            audience: 'https://api.example.io'

Rule is still the same as before:

function (user, context, callback) { 
      console.log('add-user_metadata-to-token_id - start');
      console.log('add-user_metadata-to-token_id - user ', user);
      console.log('add-user_metadata-to-token_id - context: ', context);
      var namespace = 'https://example.io/';          
      context.accessToken[namespace + 'email'] = user.email;
      context.accessToken[namespace + 'organizationId'] = user.user_metadata.organization;
      console.log('add-user_metadata-to-token_id - idToken', context.idToken);
      console.log('add-user_metadata-to-token_id - accessToken', context.accessToken);
      callback(null, user, context);


When I create user over Auth0 administration or using signup proccess on embed Lock signup page, after first login my accessToken doesn’t contains fields email and organizationId.

Access token after first login:

Access token after second and more logins:


Have you made sure that the user.email and user.user_metadata.organization both exist and aren’t null? Also, have you tried specifying openid email in the scope when you request the access token?