Blazor WASM / WebAPI => Docker

Been trying to get a Docker setup working… (home docker instance - Docker Desktop)

  1. Blazor WASM running in image 1 on container.
  2. WebAPI running in image 2 on same container.

Configured our own CA and issued a certificate for both and all is good.
SSL is configured for both & works.
WASM is served fine on the SSL port (image port 443 => local 7066)
API is served fine on SSL port (image port 443 => local 7227)

Running all on regular ports (non SSL) - everything is fine.
Removing authorisation and running on SSL ports - everything is fine.

The problem…
Back onto SSL connections, we try to re-implement the Auth0 infrastructure (which all works fine outside of Docker) and the login-callback causes an error every time. The dialog pops-up and we can login with username and password, but the call back fails.

I’m completely at a dead end with it…

Can anyone help ?

Hi @paulkiddybytes,

Can you please share the errors you are seeing and a code snippet with your Auth0 config (sensitive data removed)?


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