Bitbucket token renewal

Hi Auth0 Community!

I have been using Auth0 with github authentication. With github, when I make a call to Auth0 either for authentication or token retrieval for a particular user say “bob”, Auth0 will automatically issue me a new github JWT token. Each time I make the call, it passes me a new github JWT token for me.

I just added bitbucket. I noticed Auth0 returns that same token each time. It does not renew the bitbucket token UNLESS the user through the UI logs off and then back on again. This is problematic for our developer platform, where we rely on these JWT tokens for reading the bitbucket repositories. Am I doing something wrong? The calls for bitbucket provider is pretty much the same as github provider.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @elasticdev,

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Looking at this doc:

It looks like you may need to renew the token with a refresh token. To confirm, you are referring to the access token for bitbucket, not the auth0 access token?

Let me know.