Bitbucket Social Login userid wrapped in braces


We provide SSO via Auth0 social connections to github and bitbucket.

Why is it that a bitbucket user_id in Auth0 is wrapped in braces and github and auth0 are not?


Could you also please confirm that the user_id values displayed in the view user screen within the User Management section of the Auth0 tenant are of the form id_provider_string|user_id_from_id_provider and that the value for user_id_from_id_provider is as provided by bitbucket and github identity providers and not changed by Auth0.



Hey there!

Let me follow up on that with appropriate team and get back to you shortly!

I’ve just received an answer from one of our engineering teams.

Yes, the format of the user_id is <provider>|<id_from_provider. More on that here: How exactly does user_id work and what is the difference between the top level user_id and the ones in identities? - #2 by markd

According to the Bitbucket community resources and documentation: REST - Atlassian Documentation

The curly braces are expected and part of how Bitbucket parses the ID. They use curly brackets to differentiate between IDs and usernames.

Let me know if you have any other questions down the road!