Base64 in Rules?

What is the function that base64 decode and encode a string for the dashboard’s rules? I am trying to get a hold of the state parameter which is passed in encoded.

ATOB and BTOA is not working.
var state = JSON.parse(atob(state));
This is yelling at me and stating that atob is not a function. Is there some library that I need to include within my script in the rules? Is there some other function I can use instead?


Same for me. Did you find a solution for this?

Sorry Npatel,

I did not find a solution for this issue. From what I can remember I had to find a different way to solve my problem without using a rule. Never got base64 decoding to work.


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Hey there!

Sorry for such huge delay in response! We’re doing our best in providing you with best developer support experience out there, but sometimes our bandwidth is not enough comparing to the number of incoming questions.

Wanted to reach out to know if you still require further assistance?

Just reached out to our Dashboard Team. Should have the answer soon!

While we wait for the info from them, I’ve found a way to solve that:

You can use encodeUriComponent and decodeUriComponent method (however it depends on the encoding format)

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Thanks for finding this

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