Bail out of Hooks without an error


I would like to request a feature to terminate the user registration process without an error. Currently, the closest solution for me is to use the pre-registration hook to implement logic on which users can or cannot register. Please see How to bail out of a Pre-registration Hook without an error

However, with the current hook, it can only terminate user registration by raising an error.

I would like the ability for it to gracefully exit the registration process without an error returned to the user. This would allow me to implement conditional registration without exposing internal data to potential phishing attempts (if a user registration does not return an error, an attacker can verify that some information exists or validated against my private server).

module.exports = function (user, context, cb) {
  var response = {};
  const canRegister = axios.get('')
  if (canRegister) {
      cb(null, response);
  } else {
      // bail out of registration process without error 
      cb(null, StopRegistrationGracefully);

Thanks for providing this feedback request!