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"Bad audience" error in /api/v2/tickets/email-verification



Calling results in the following error:

    "statusCode": 401,
    "error": "Unauthorized",
    "message": "Bad audience:"

Any idea of what am I doing wrong?


Hey there @rwehresmann!

Are you sure you’re using the right tenant name in your call? It might be the main reason that affect your audience .

When it comes to the request


Let me know if that helps!


Hello @konrad.sopala, thanks for the reply!

You’re right, I changed but now I receive "Insufficient scope, expected any of: create:user_tickets". However, my Auth0 Management API have this scope defined. What should be my next step?

And I would like to ask: api/v2/tickets/email-verification will always go for Auth0 Management API? The error I had before was happening because I tryied to use the audience of a custom API that I created in my Auth0 account.