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Background image on hosted login page on mobile


Thanks a lot @srinivas for sharing that knowledge with community!


Hello Srinivas,
Thanks again for your prompt response. I added the style to the tag as you suggested, but still the background wouldn’t show - please see attached image. Is there something I am doing wrong / not doing right? Please advice.

This is done via the “Customize Login Page” of the Auth0 dashboard.


Hello Konrad,
Thanks for your input on our thread on how I can implement a background image on the login page. I tried doing it the way Srinivas suggested, but it wouldn’t work so I was thinking if it’d work with a script as such:

<script> = "myimage.jpg";</script>

Interesting it works for me please check click on login and it shows the background image.


Hmm it’s quite interesting @chris1. I do checked the website provided by @srinivas and it indeed works. Wondering if there is any conflicting code in your base that prevents this from happening

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