Backend GO tutorial for API not working

Using the following tutorial (and the correct details) I can not get the JWT to validate successfully.

I get the following error: Encountered error while validating JWT: jwt invalid: could not parse the token: square/go-jose: compact JWS format must have three parts

My svelte frontend calls getTokenSilently() before making the request and I can see in the headers that it is passing the token in the header.

Could someone else see if the tutorial works for them? I am using go 1.17 and gorilla mux.

Sorry! forgot to post the url : Go tutorial

Hi @christheoreo ,

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Have you verified if the token is valid in

I found this topic with a similar error. Could you please check if the audience id in your project matches the API audience id? Thanks!

Hi there - I realised that the error was with my SPA config. I have flagged this post for deletion when I found this out.
Please can you close this for me?

But, thank you for spending the time to look at this for me :slight_smile:


@christheoreo , thank you for the updates! Glad to know that you have found the solution :+1: .
I will mark it as closed.