B2B multi-tenant application - allowing sign-up with only business email addresses


I am working on a B2B multi-tenant application that will allow businesses to create an organization for its users. The users sign-up using their company email address. The organization is created at the same time as the first user from the company signs-up. I would like to use the domain name to look up organizations. I’m wondering how can I use Auth0 to restrict creation of organization only with business email addresses but not with email addresses from email providers (e.g. gmail.com, hey.com etc)? Is there a well known list of domain names that can be used to black-list?



Hey there!

You can use Rules for that:

Dashboard -> Rules -> Create Rule -> Email domain whitelist and reverse engineer it.

Thanks for you reply. I will look into Rules.

Sure no worries we’re here for you!

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Have you had a chance to dig into it?

Sorry about the late reply. I haven’t had a chance to look into this yet. We can close this question for now.

Ok let me know once you want me to reopen it.