Azure functions (python, javascript, c#)

I want to create an app using Vue.js as frontend and Azure Functions (python, javascript and c#) as backend.

What I have for now: auth0 works for authenticating in my vue.js frontend, so I can see my bearer token, email and other user data of my google account
What I still need to do: pass bearer token to my Azure Functions APIs and check somehow if the tokens are good in every call

I just don’t know how to do it and I can’t find any tutorial which just works fine without strange errors that I can’t resolve…

Hi @johnykes,


What kind of errors are you running into? You should be able to set up your functions like a typical API and verify the token signature using one of our libraries. I don’t have an example to give you, but it should be fairly painless to set up following our quickstarts. Here is an example API with express and node.

Let me know how else I can help. Posting your code is always a good start!


Well, I saw this tutorial, but I can’t use code like this in Azure Functions:

I think there’s a way of doing it in Azure Functions / Azure API Management Service too, but I’m not an expert.

Are you able to get an express server running? What have you tried, and where are you getting blocked?

Here is an example of an express server in functions, it is quite similar.

just fond this on
and works okay :smiley:

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