Azure API Management integration with Azure AD (Enterprise Connection)


Currently I am Integrating Azure API Management Service with Auth0. For connections I am using enterprise connections with Microsoft Azure AD. All works fine, but the issued JWT token from Auth0 doesn’t contain user profile information like name, emailId. Currently the only the below information are available in issued Auth0 token.

“iss”: “auth0domain”,
“sub”: “waad|AlphaNumericValue”,
“aud”: “apiId”,
“iat”: 1575265479,
“exp”: 1575351879,
“azp”: “AlphaNumericValue”,
“scope”: “readwrite:general”

To get the user information(name, emailId) in the JWT token, What kind of setting i have to enable here.


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Hi @sacrateesn,

You can request that info from the /userinfo endpoint with your access token. You can also get it from the id token. Or you can add it to the access token with custom claims in a rule.

This should all be covered in this doc:

Hope this helps!


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