Azure AD profile mappings

Problem statement

What are the default Azure AD profile mappings?


The Azure AD profile mappings are as follows (Auth0 attributes are on left, while Azure AD attributes are on right, in order they are tested):

puid: '';,
upn: ['';, 'unique_name'],
user_id: ['';, 'unique_name'],
azure_id: ['';, 'sub'],
given_name: ['';, 'given_name'],
family_name: ['';, 'family_name'],
nickname: ['';, 'unique_name'],
tenantid: ['';, 'tid'],
roles: ['';, 'roles', '';, 'role'],
account_enabled: 'accountEnabled',
assigned_licenses: 'assignedLicenses',
assigned_plans: 'assignedPlans',
city: 'city',
country: 'country',
department: 'department',
dir_sync_enabled: 'dirSyncEnabled',
fax: 'facsimileTelephoneNumber',
job_title: 'jobTitle',
last_sync: 'lastDirSyncTime',
mobile: 'mobile',
group_ids: 'groups',
phone: 'phone',
physical_delivery_office_name: 'physicalDeliveryOfficeName',
postal_code: 'postalCode',
preferred_language: 'preferredLanguage',
provisioned_plans: 'provisionedPlans',
provisioning_errors: 'provisioningErrors',
proxy_addresses: 'proxyAddresses',
state: 'state',
street: 'streetAddress',
telephoneNumber: 'telephoneNumber',
usage_location: 'usageLocation',
oid: ['';, 'oid']
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