Automatically adding ".auth0" to scheme in React Native Android

Auth0 version: 3.1.0
React Native Version:0.73.6

Why is .auth0 being added to my scheme even though in build.gradle it’s just the applicationid

applicationId “”
manifestPlaceholders = [auth0Domain: “”, auth0Scheme: “${applicationId}”]

Log Entry - note the added “.auth0” to the scheme

“description”: “Callback URL mismatch. is not in the list of allowed callback URLs”,

If I add a URL with the auth0 in the app setup, i dont get mismatched URL, but after login, is stuck and not returning to the android app.

Allowed Call backs URL’s,

I have to have the first one because the old version is still being used


Hi, we’re running into a similar problem on our app while using a callback with .auth0 at the end. Were you able to fix the issue and find a way to return to the android app after authentication?

We added both variations and it works now …,

Thanks for your response!

We also got it to work on our end eventually. Our fix adding both variations like you have and editing our domain to use our custom URL instead of dev*****

    "domain": "",