Auto login after registration

I have user email & name how we can auto login after registration without using auth0 register & login popup. please suggest the best method. We are using auth0 10.

I see that your request is already being attended by one of our agents on the following ticket:

Can you share here so that others can benefit?
I’d like to offer the same feature (have the user be logged in immediately after they register). I’m using the API (POST /v2/users) to create a new user.


please share the answer here as well so we all could benefit

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Sharing solution to support ticket here for historical context:

For lock v 10 you can use option loginAfterSignup to true reference here.

If you are already registering user from your backend, you could log the user in via Resource Owner Password grant and get the user tokens. Please refer to this document on how to implement RO Password grant.