Authsdkerror the jwt token issued in the future

How to resolve JWT token issued n the future even though users are in wrong time ?

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You can add some leeway to the token. Check out this topic:

Hi @dan.woda , It says leeway value no more than a minute or two at maximum as per the document. Our users time is deviated by 5 to 10 minutes. What can we do for that ?

Is it just a few users?

@dan.woda Yes. It’s just few users

They will need to sync the clock on their machines. There is not much we can do outside of using leeway in the tokens.

@dan.woda I need to cross verify it again. How many minutes leeway supports ?

I don’t know the maximum, but I wouldn’t recommend setting more than a minute or two. This is a client issue and should be resolved on the client.

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