Authorize sits at pending URGENT

All of a sudden in the past 2 days I started getting auth0 to hang at pending on authorize. If I check the logs I can see that an account was successfully created, but for some reason this is happening despite any code changes. This is urgent as we were about to release our product. There have been no issues with our authentication for months/ nothing has been changed.

(Also want to add that this happens basically every other time I signup)

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I am also getting the following warning:

backend.js:6 Following parameters are not allowed on the /authorize endpoint: [user_metadata]

However this states you can pass metadata:

And here is my signup function:

  const signUp = async (email, password, prepaid, discount) => {
    await new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
        "connection": 'Username-Password-Authentication',
        "email": email,
        "password": password,
        "user_metadata": {"prepaid": `${prepaid}`, "discount": `${discount}`}
      }, (err) => {
        if (err) {
          if (err.code === "user_exists" || err.code === "username_exists") {
            setAuthError(["That name is already in our system. Login or try again?"])
          } else if (
            err.code === "password_dictionary_error" || err.code === "password_no_user_info_error"
          ) {
            setAuthError(["That password might be too easy to guess.", "Try something that's not a common word"])
          } else if (
            err.code === "password_strength_error"
          ) {
            setAuthError(["That password might be too easy to guess.", "(Did you include a number, capital letter and special character?)"])
          else {
            console.log('Something went wrong: ' + err.code)
            setAuthError(["Hmm, that doesn't look right. Please try again."])
          return reject(new Error(err.code))
        else {
          console.log("finished sign up")

Were you able to find any solution? @stephen1
I am facing this same issue.

@James.Morrison Hi James, Can you please help us with this?

Good morning @divyasmehta and @stephen1 :wave:

I apologize this wasn’t seen sooner. When you get a chance can you please snag me a HAR file capture of your login procedure which shows the challenge of where it hangs and then direct message it over to me along with your tenant name? I want to take a deeper look at what going on here. Thanks in advance!

Great thanks. I will send that over. I am still facing the issue and it’s now becoming a huge impediment to development.

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Issue appears resolved from discussions in DM. No changes were made. We will keep this topic open for another two weeks just in case the challenge reoccurs. Thanks!

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