`/authorize` fails with 403 on HTTP localhost served under a subpath


I’m using the SPA sdk and the app works when configured for http://localhost:3000.

If serve the page at http://localhost:3000/app and set the application to use that value it suddenly fails with 403 and upon closer inspection it seems to complain about redirect uri. Any ideas?

EDIT: the actual issue seems to be the backend doesn’t accept a localhost referer other than the root.

Hi there Mewa, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

A couple questions to help us provide you service. What are you using for your backend? Are you getting a successful login? and it’s just the redirect that isn’t working? Is this a public or private repo? Can you direct message me your tenant? Thanks!

Following up on this front @mewa and see if you still need assistance on this front. Thanks!

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