Authorization for django rest api with auth0 users

Hi. I’ve created all from this guide:

This work, but this is only for “cmd tools” - right? This creating any random usernames.
How can I authorization my app/program with users from auth0 and get token for authorization with my backend?

I try:

and I get access_token, but this doesn’t work in authorization with my backend. I got error:
"detail": "Error decoding token."

Hi @michaldev

You must include an audience parameter to your authorize call to get a JWT.

Create an API and use it in the audience parameter.


I get access_token and it works (example from tutorial). But this generates in my backend random user. Where can I get a specific user from login form?

What is it? After making this request, I can log in by this access_token, but what is it? Why this generate users without any user data?

Error I get when I try to use access_token from instead of Example from the tutorial works but probably is useless.