Authorization Extension migration from rules to actions

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We’ve started migrating our rules to actions one at a time, starting from the end of our Rules pipeline. We managed to achieve 1-1 functionality for most of our rules but I got a little stuck with the Authorization Extension rule. There’s a generated rule that we can publish upon creating the ext in our tenant and the docs for the authz ext rules are great, but I couldn’t find the equivalent for actions.

Can I get some assistance on how to migrate the authz ext rule to action, please?

Thank you!

Hello @adriennel welcome to the community!

I think the best advice as of now is to leave this rule in place for now - I’d expect there to be some sort of communication around if there needs to be any action taken on your end. There very well could be no action necessary on your part as we migrate from rules to actions on our end, but stay tuned!

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the response, @tyf :slight_smile:

That helps. On a separate but related note, the authorization extension have been flagged as deprecated (in favor of moving features to Authorization Core). Do you happen to have any update on that? If there’s deprecation plans, it’s understandable that the authz ext rules to action migration take the back seat.

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