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Authorization extension api documentation bug



Hi there,

I was working with the authorization extension API in particular adding and removing users from roles. Here I found a small fault in the documentation for removing a user from roles.
The URL mentioned in the docs is “/users/{role_id}/roles” I assume that this should be “/users/{user_id}/roles” and the roles to remove in the payload. This is what I am using and seems to work fine.



Hey @joost!

Great that you’ve caught it and that you were able to use it the right way! It will be great if you can report it to our feedback team as well as any future cases, as it will help us in providing more concise features and documentation to all our devs.

Here’s the link:

Thanks a lot @joost one more time! :pray:t3:


Hey there developers! :wave:t3: If any of you will need to use it, here’s the reference point (solution):


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