Authentication emails not send

We are using sendgrid as email provider for years but now we get multiple complains from users which not get the signup-confirmation email. We checked the “Send test email” in Auth0 which works but for the users complaining we can not find the email in sendgrid blocked or send list. It seems, Auth0 does not send signup mails to sendgrid anymore.

What can we check else? Are there logs of send emails?

Hi @mike10 and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

You mention checking the SendGrid logs and that still didn’t turn up any reference to the email? You should be able to look in your dashboard logs and filter for some useful log events. Some useful log event filters could be ‘Failed Verification Email’ or ‘Failed Verification Email Request’ for example. I’d try first looking through your logs for relevant information.

If you’re still encountering issues, would you mind sending me your tenant in a DM so I could have a look as well?

Best Regards,