Authenticating Svelte Applications

Learn how to create a Svelte application and add authentication.
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This is great, super helpful, except… I’m getting rollup errors, trying to use the library.

[!] (plugin commonjs) SyntaxError: Unexpected token (15:9794) in {...}\node_modules\@auth0\auth0-spa-js\dist\auth0-spa-js.production.esm.js

I’m not really familiar with rollup, so, I’m stumped. … loading the script straight from the CDN works, so, I’m just gonna go with that for now. :woman_shrugging:

Hi. Thanks for pointing this out, can you please describe the point where you started getting this error so we can investigate further. Thanks

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Great tutorial!

Working on a project to switch bootstrap to Tailwind.

I was wondering did we need to create a file named TaskList.svelte?

I didn’t see it inside the repository, but it was mentioned in the tutorial.

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Yes. At the beginning of the “Building the Task List” section, a TaskList.svelte file was created.

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Thanks for the follow-up!

This is a great tutorial and timely for me as I am looking at building my first Svelte app with authentication.

One suggestion: since pop-ups are problematic for so many people how about a loginWithRedirect style flow instead?

Tagging @coderonfleek (the article author) for better visibility of that feature request @StaringSkyward

I will try to get a working example and submit a PR to the github repo. I’m a beginner with Svelte so I’m not sure of my code quality but I will give it a go.

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Perfect! Give it a go and share the link to the PR once you have it!

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