Authenticating my API after Universal Login


I am building a website and was planning to use the Universal Login for authentication. But I also need to call my own API after the user logs in/ signs up by passing the ID token to my API.

Is this possible?

Hi @vnp01 , welcome to the community!

We have a series of guides on how to call APIs for the different Authentication and Authorization flows here:

Iā€™d recommend finding your flow of choice there and reviewing the relevant ā€œCall API using ā€¦ā€ link.

As for passing ID Tokens to an API, this should not be used for Authentication/Authorization purposes, instead you should pass an Access Token to your APIs for the purpose of granting access to the API/making authorization decisions. Your APIs should then verify the Access token, please see the below links for more information:

Hey @sgo Thank you for reply!
I will certainly go through these documentation.

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Let us know if you have any further questions!

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