Auth0 token flows without a client

I am lost every time I read any of the documentation on receiving tokens or interacting with auth0 apis if you are not in a client using callback urls. Call Your API Using the Authorization Code Flow

Is there a way to do client credential grant (or user credentials) and receive a token without using a front end client? I know you can if you use username/password but this does not support our use case. Thanks!

Hello there @liam2 welcome to the community!

Do you mind going into your use case in a bit more detail? This is typically covered by an m2m flow, but I am not positive if that’s what you are looking for. Our architecture scenario doc on this type of flow may be useful as a high level overview.

Keep us posted!


Hey thanks for your response!

So that is exactly what I am looking for as noted in the docs you sent. A client credentials grant where no human user is involved!

  • For authorizing a Machine to Machine Application (a CLI, service or daemon where no user interaction is involved) Auth0 supports the Client Credentials grant (see Client Credentials Grant)

In our use case, a gateway proxy service will validate tokens. But many of our users will be other servers, who need to obtain a code/access token to make requests against this gateway proxy. Where I am confused by the client credential grant documentation is which Authorize endpoint can I request without being redirected to a client login in. As in, how can I receive a code for the /token endpoint without a client login?

Thanks for your time!

Hey there @liam2 I apologize for the delayed response, but happy to help!

The client credentials grant doesn’t require the Authorization endpoint at all, but will instead be carried out against the /token endpoint itself.

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