Auth0 Tenant login in Session Management

In Tenant Settings under advanced Tab, there is a settings “Login Session Management”.
it has option “Require log in after*”
which says
" Regardless of activity, users will be forced to log in after the period (max. 30 days). Read more about this here."

We have a Mobile native App using Ionic 4/angular.
To test it i changed it to 10 minutes. It didn’t force me log out after 10 minutes. i did tried with multiple values but it was still able to keep active and getting refresh token from Auth0 without being logged out.
My question is how does this settings work? Also we don’t want user to be prompted for relogin after 30 days or so as per this settings. How we can avoid it.

Please suggest.


Hi again @ssingh,

This should be in regards to browser sessions, not refresh tokens, as they never expire.

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