Auth0 swagger files are not valid according to the Swagger 1.2 specification

The Swagger files which Auth0 provides in order to document the management APIs are written in Swagger v1.2, but do not conform to the Swagger specification.

In particular the Users Swagger file contains a nickname (“delete{provider}by_user_id” for the “Unlink a user identity” operation) which has special characters. The Swagger 1.2 specification states:

Required. A unique id for the operation that can be used by tools reading the output for further and easier manipulation. For example, Swagger-Codegen will use the nickname as the method name of the operation in the client it generates. The value MUST be alphanumeric and may include underscores. Whitespace characters are not allowed.

Thanks for reporting this!
I’ve been able to reproduce this problem and our engineers are working on a fix.

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No problem.

The braces are also used in some of the model definitions, such as “delete_{provider}_by_user_id_response”. This does not appear to be against the specification (Which doesn’t seem to specify any rules for model keys / references), however it does affect some code generation tooling so please consider changing these as well.

Yes, the fix will include other related attributes.

To give you a heads up, they will have the new values delete_user_identity_by_user_id and delete_user_identity_by_user_id_response.

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Excellent, that sounds great Patrick.

Thank you very much for the speedy response.

Hi. Has this fix made it to preview or production yet?