Auth0 suddenly doesn't recognize my clientId


I have 3 applications running with Auth0 implemented, that run for almost 1 month with no problems.

Suddenly one of my application that is used for development stopped working last night, with the error:
invalid_request : The client was not found: ‘xxx’

What have I done:

  • Deleted old application
  • Created a new application
  • Changed the clientid acordingly

But there are no changes, i keep getting that error. I have to say that the code that other 2 application is the same as this one, I’ve changed only the clientId based on the environment.

What can I do now ?

LE: This is the tracking id TRACKING ID: 09b6dfedfd612e564919 if this helps somehow

These are my configs. @konrad.sopala don’t wanna disturb you, but I’ve seen that you take care of this kind of stuff
Capture Capture2