Auth0 SSO with iframe

I have 2 angular web applications and both are implementing auth0 spa authentication. I have sso enabled so that when I log into one app, I can open the other app in a new tab and doesn’t have to log in again.

Is it possible to achieve something similar, but with one application as an iframe inside the other?

Thank you.

Hi Minh,

It might not be a good idea to do authentication within an iframe. By default we block the login page from being loaded in an iframe although you can disable this behavior.

Modern browsers also applies stricter conditions on the cookies in iframe, which may also break the Auth0 SSO which replies on cookies to work.

PS: I’ve replied your support ticket of the same question too :slight_smile:


Thanks Guangjie. Lemme take a look at the document and I will reach out again if more questions arise.

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