Auth0 <> Salesforce (Authentication + MFA Challenge)

Hi Community,

we have the following use case and would appreciate any input for a clever implementation approach:

A) We have a web application with full API auth0 integration. Users are authenticated.

B) We further have a Salesforce community (assuming from Salesforce side SSO for Salesforce Community configured, assuming from Auth0 side, SS0 integration & SAML Identity provider for community configured).

  1. We now want to display an external page of the community within the web application. Therefore we need to make sure that (cross-web app-community) the authenticated web app user can see the Salesforce Community page. How can we achieve that?

  2. After the user is able to see the page, we want to enable the user to change certain data (values) on that page and save them. After saving, we need to trigger an MFA (challenge?) to confirm the data changes. How can we achieve that?

Thanks a lot for your support in advance!