Auth0+Safari issues: the application doesn’t see the Auth0 cookie (or any other cookie) until page refresh

We have implemented a custom sign-up flow (with a custom domain) for our SPA application. It works well on Chrome, but we keep having issues with Safari.

Here is how I currently see the process and where I think we’re experiencing the issue:

  1. We send a request to Auth0 API using our custom form from our SPA
  2. We get redirected to our custom subdomain. Auth0 handles authentication using our subdomain. The user successfully passes Auth0 authentication
  3. The user is getting a cookie from Auth0
  4. After receiving a cookie, Auth0 forwards the user to the app
  5. The issue starts here. We can not see ANY cookies at all on Safari only. If we manually refresh the page, we start seeing ALL cookies including Auth0 cookie with the token

What am I doing wrong? I sit some Safari bug I’ve never seen before?


Hi @aleona,

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Can you try implementing refresh token rotation?

Here is a ~related FAQ that works through the implementation: Why is authentication lost after refreshing my single page application?

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