Auth0 retrieve user locale within the Custom database action script

I am using the Database Action Scripts to authenticate my user via my existing authorization server. The user name and
password are entered in Auth 0 while validation will happen in my existing authorization using the ROPC password grant flow. The messages are coming from the existing authorization server. I am able to pass via api the ui local to the ROPC api but not able to set it using Auth 0.

In my custom database action scripts how do I get the UI Locale of the user. What I have read is the context variable may
be an option but not found an option to achieve this . Can someone help ?

Hi @srinivasan.raghavan,

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I have researched this and come to the conclusion that there is no way to access context information in the custom DB action script.

Is it possible to add the user’s locale as metadata during the signup, then you could access it from your user DB? If this would not work could you elaborate on what you would like to achieve with context in custom DB action scripts. In addition, you can file a feature request for this on our feedback page.


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