Auth0-react how to handle deep linking

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import { useAuth0 } from '@auth0/auth0-react';

const LogIn = () => {
  const { handleRedirectCallback } = useAuth0();

  return handleRedirectCallback()


export default LogIn;

Error: Unhandled Rejection (Error): There are no query params available for parsing.

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I’m trying to get a user to deep link once they have passed the login stage. If I enter when I hit the browser, I don’t want to be redirected to

I’ve seen that recently handleRedirectCallback has been added to the react SDK which I am using but I can’t find any docs and good example to understand how to use with auth0-react.
I can see that it was a method available in the old auth-spa.js, but nothing for the new spa sdk.

Can u pls help? Matt