Auth0.OidcClient hidden/silent logout

Hello community!
I’m working on a Xamarin app for iOS & Android and have added the Auth0.Oidc Nugets to my solution following the quickstart description on the web.

Using Auth0Client.LoginAsync() and Auth0Client.LogoutAsync() I can login and logout.

Using the “hack” found here, I can open the browser in iOS without the annoying consent dialog, both for logins and logouts: [SDK-2197] Support for PrefersEphemeralWebBrowserSession by frederikprijck · Pull Request #173 · auth0/auth0-oidc-client-net · GitHub

What I’m looking for now is a way to completely hide the logout, i.e do it without bringing up a temporary browser window. Is there a way to do that? Or is there a way to simply clear out the cookies so the user can do a proper login?