Auth0 not working when deployed to android studio

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    auth0 ionic react
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    ionic-react 5 with capacitor
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    node v14
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import { isPlatform } from "@ionic/react";

export const domain = "";
export const clientId = "f5VvN1hqFOfbT9hECQz17M5wm4n33mqQ";
//const appId = "com.auth0.samples";
const appId = "com.receipt.manager";
// Use `auth0Domain` in string interpolation below so that it doesn't
// get replaced by the quickstart auto-packager
const auth0Domain = domain;
const iosOrAndroid = isPlatform('ios') || isPlatform('android');


export const callbackUri = iosOrAndroid 
  ? `${appId}://${auth0Domain}/capacitor/${appId}/callback`
  : `http://localhost:8100/Landing/`;

  export async function callback() {

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I am able to run this on local but on android studio I get the following

2022-03-11 12:21:32.130 30826-30826/ I/chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(0)] “Navigation is unreachable: com.receipt.manager://”, source: (0)

Anyone seen this before?
Please see my capacitor.config.json is as follows

	"appId": "com.receipt.manager",
	"appName": "receipt-manager",
	"webDir": "build",
	"bundledWebRuntime": false

Hey there @info47, welcome to the community!

We have seen this before, and in the past it was related to the appID being misconfigured in the app’s AndroidManifest.xml - Can you confirm the appID you have set in your config file above matches what’s set for your android:scheme?

Additionally, have you had a chance to check out our sample app(s)? I am testing with this sample and everything seems to work as expected. I’d be curious to know if you run into the same issue there.

Keep us posted!

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