auth0 lock build issue in angular js 1.x application

Hi Team, we are using auth0-angular library and it is working fine. now we are upgrading to auth0-lock to add new features and angular-auth0. installed auth0-lock and angular-auth0 libraries using bower, after that build using grunt . build was success and when i execute app iam getting below error: ReferenceError: Unknown plugin “version-inline” specified in “…\app\bower_components\auth0-lock.babelrc” at 0, attempted to resolve relative to “…\app\bower_components\auth0-lock” while parsing file: …\app\bower_components\auth0-lock\build\lock.js Warning: Error running grunt-browserify. Use --force to continue. Please help me out facing this issue from last 2 days. couldn’t do any thing on this.

As it has been more than a few months since this topic was opened, and there has been no reply or further information provided as to the existence of the issue, we are closing this topic. Please don’t hesitate to create a new topic if this issue is still present, we would be happy to work with you to help find a resolution.