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auth0 lock build issue in angular js 1.x application



Hi Team, we are using auth0-angular library and it is working fine. now we are upgrading to auth0-lock to add new features and angular-auth0. installed auth0-lock and angular-auth0 libraries using bower, after that build using grunt . build was success and when i execute app iam getting below error: ReferenceError: Unknown plugin “version-inline” specified in “…\app\bower_components\auth0-lock.babelrc” at 0, attempted to resolve relative to “…\app\bower_components\auth0-lock” while parsing file: …\app\bower_components\auth0-lock\build\lock.js Warning: Error running grunt-browserify. Use --force to continue. Please help me out facing this issue from last 2 days. couldn’t do any thing on this.