Auth0 Levels Up Analytics Experience

We’re excited to announce the first availability of the new Activity page in Auth0’s dashboard. With the refresh, customers have access to actionable insights that give them a high-level understanding of their tenant data without the overhead of third-party tools.

With Activity analytics, developers can ensure that their Auth0 implementation is working and report back usage and utility. Security engineers can quickly gauge failed logins and monitor security events for potential audit. And product owners can easily understand usage and relay that information to relevant stakeholders.

The new Activity page drives more data-driven outcomes by enabling customers to:

Visualize metrics such as active users and failed logins


The new Activity page is now available to tenants across the US regions. We plan on rolling the update out to the remaining regions over the coming months. Customers will receive a notification when it becomes available in their particular region.


We’d love to hear what you think about the new Activity page. Please share your thoughts about the experience as your feedback shapes where we go, so keep it coming!

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