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Auth0.JS - login() in React SPA results in stacktrace


Auth0 noob here. I have had no luck in resolving the following error when calling login():

client.js:752 Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
at stringify ()
at Request._end (client.js:752)
at Request.end (client.js:676)
at RequestObj.end (request-builder.js:58)
at CrossOriginAuthentication.login (cross-origin-authentication.js:72)
at WebAuth.login (index.js:659)
at Auth.login (Auth.js:30)
at onSubmit (Login.js:88)

Node version is 8.11.2
Auth0.js version is 9.6.0

Any ideas?


Did you follow our quick starts? We have one for react:

Can you post a snippet of how are you calling this method?


Thanks. I resolved the issue. It was that my parameter values were JSON instead of plain text.