Auth0-js checkSession fails with login_required on Microsoft Azure AD


Our Angular 7 application uses Microsoft Azure AD through Auth0 and thanks to auth0-js 9.8.2.

The authorize function is working fine. However, the checkSession function, called with the same options, always fails with a login_required error. Options used are:

Maybe I am hitting the following issue found in the documentation: If the connection is a social connection and you are using Auth0 dev keys, the checkSession call will always return login_required .

What can I do then?
Does that mean that we have to pay for to the “Developer pro” already? (we were planning to do so in a few weeks, right before we go live)

Thanks for your help…

Hi @gimmick

That section of the documentation you have quoted is trying to say that by default when you activate the Microsoft social connection Auth0 is using keys they have registered with Microsoft.

What you need to do is register new keys with Microsoft directly (here’s the docs).

You do not need to upgrade to the “Developer pro” plan to do this.

Hope this helps!

That is correct @gimmick . Thanks @charsleysa for sharing!