Auth0 Is Moving to Discourse for Blog Comments

We’re just finishing up the process of switching away from DISQUS to use an embedded version of our Discourse forum based Auth0 Community on the blog.

This means that, instead of using DISQUS at the bottom of blog posts for readers to provide feedback and ask questions, we’ll be using Discourse instead.

Engaging our authors and readers in the community will benefit everyone in the long run. The community is quickly fulfilling its goal to become a valuable source of knowledge for developers using Auth0. It makes sense to further focus our efforts on that resource, instead of leaving valuable questions and answers isolated on the blog pages.

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Can you share information on how you are doing this? Seems like an interesting idea that I might want to apply to my application.

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Sorry for the late reply!

We followed the embedding discourses comments via JS examples that can be found here:

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