Auth0 Ionic 4 Incomplete Documentation

Currently trying to implement auth0 into an ionic 4 application and running into incomplete documentation here:

These are the things I’m trying to get answers to:

  • How do we attach bearer tokens to http requests? Do we use the same interceptor method shown for Angular + auth0-spa-js?
  • How do we check authentication on login? The service only provides a value after the user has been logged in. I’m assuming i need to make some sort of function for checking the stored tokens, but I don’t know best practices.
  • Is there way to get typings for Auth0Cordova? Currently have no way of viewing the methods on this object and can’t find any documentation on it.

Any information you can give would be great, thanks.

Hey there Brandon!

I’m not an Ionic guy unfortunately but maybe you’ll find some of our articles helpful:

Also as you have a question regarding the quickstart which has a repo a good way to address that would be to open a GitHub issue there providing your hurdle context and share the link to it here so we can ping the repo maintainers!