Auth0 integration with Thymeleaf Spring vs Angular Spring

Hello. I am new to web development and I recently implemented a web application with Tymeleaf Spring and MySQL that supports CRUD operations on a database, and the authentication-authorization is handled by Auth0. I am looking to keep my existing backend logic but switch to Angular for the frontend. It is not clear to me if the logic for the Auth0 configuration(the one done in quickstart) should stay in my SecurityConfig class in java , or if it has to be done in Angular and I will only keep the REST controler mainly from my java project.
Thank you for your time

I recommend doing all the authentication logic on the server side with Spring Boot. This blog post shows you how to do that:

You can also go straight to the example app if you’d prefer:

Hello. Thank you for your reply and blogpost. I tried creating my own spring-boot + angular application aswell as cloning your repo and modying it (adding an Account entity similar to your Group entities) and perform CRUD operations on them. The result was the same. I can use GetRequests to retreive data, but I get the CORS error from the screenshot when I try to save an entity with PostRequests. Unlike your example, I store the accounts in a local mysql database on localhost:3036. I tried looking into the configuration classes, but could not find the cause. If anyone could suggest a fix, it would be greatly appreciated.
PS: post requests for the group entities work just fine, in case that wasn t clear