Auth0 integration with Discord Bot

Working on a discord bot to configure from a 3rd party application.
Planned workflow :

  1. User joins discord
  2. Goes to verify channel
  3. Bot enforces them to enable a login
  4. If successful the bot should assign role automatically to the user

Any documentation that might be useful to perform this process. So far we have implemented a login statement where the bot is able to process take and process login name. Looking to find a solution for how to access the login functionality.

Hi @adhikari.harsh.kohli

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Thank you for posting your question!

From the Auth0 point of view you will need to check the Role-Based Access Control. Regarding other concepts you will need to find a way to manage request by Bots. With that, Managment API and Authorization API you will be able to login and grant user roles. I would encourage you to check with discord community or check the discord-bot subreddit for help with bot implementation.


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