Auth0 implementation - unexpected bug on Profile page


I’m currently have the Auth0 API working: the login/signup page works when calling the auth0 api, and the logout button works (showing up after login/signup only).

However, I have a profile page that shows up on the Header after a user logs in or signs up which is my only issue.

Rather than explain what happens my Header component when I navigate to the Profile page, here is an image of my header on the home page prior to navigating:

Then, after navigating to the Profile page, here is what my Header component now looks like:

Any ideas on why this might be happening?
Everything else appears to be working as it should.

Any help is very greatly appreciated!

Hi @acecauis,

What quickstart is this from?

Let me know,

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The quickstart I used is from the nextjs-auth0 repo.

Also, the repo is walked through in detail in this guide.

Can you share the header.jsx file? Did you change anything?

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