Auth0 development environment, account linking bug

I believe I found a bug with the Auth0 development environments while testing account linking. I submit the request to link a primary and secondary account, but get back the following error:

"{\"statusCode\":400,\"error\":\"Bad Request\",\"message\":\"JWT (link_with) contains an invalid sub claim.\",\"errorCode\":\"invalid_body\"}"

This has been working very well before now, and I didn’t change anything on my end so I was curious as to why it was happening, but when I take a look at the user dashboard in Auth0 I can see that the two accounts were in fact linked successfully, despite the error returned by the API.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t expected behavior but was curious if there’s a possibility that I’m doing something wrong here. Thanks!!!

This issue seems to have resolved itself, going to assume there was a bugfix somewhere

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Thanks for letting us know!