Auth0-authorization-extension doesn't allow to create role for machine2machine app

I’m not sure what changed, but we used to be able to create role in the extension for machine to machine app.

Now when I tried to do it, first I couldn’t find the app in the list of apps. When I choose the blank option, I got Oh snap! An error occured while saving the role: "applicationId" is not allowed to be empty error.

How do I get around with it. Thanks.

Hi @chaoism

Not sure what could have changed on your side, but the extension explicitly filters out machine-to-machine applications, and it seems to have been doing so for over two years, according to this GH commit.

The extension is designed to run a rule after a user authenticates. Rules don’t run with the client credentials grant flow used for machine-to-machine applications, so you wouldn’t really got much out of it.